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Here’s how to get the best wireless connection

Internet Connections

Want to Improve Your HomeWi-Fi?

Follow these tips to improve your

home Wi-Fi and get faster, more reli-

able access:

Get a New Router

How many devices rely on Wi-Fi in your

home? If several people live in your

household, that number could be in the

dozens. An outdated or entry-level router

won’t cut it in this case. It’s probably

time for an upgrade.

Like computers, routers wear out over

time. Plus, router technology is continu-

ally being improved. That inexpensive

802.11g model you bought a few years

ago was designed to handle just a few

internet-ready devices. Today’s 802.11ac

models can handle


or more.

To ensure your router can hold up to the

demands you put on it with all of your

devices, equip your home with a newer

model. And remember, you’ll probably

need to replace it again in a few years.

Improve Your Digital Security

You know you need to put a password

on your router to protect you from

hackers. What you might not realize is

that password-protecting your Wi-Fi

network will also keep other people

from using it and slowing down your

connection. Remember, the more devices

that connect to your Wi-Fi, the more the

signal strength is depleted.

To see if anyone outside your household

is leeching off of your wireless network,

check the attached devices in your router

settings. If you see devices that you don’t

recognize, change your password.

Choose the Right Channel

Channel 6 is the default setting for most

routers. Since many people don’t even

realize they can set their router to a dif-

ferent channel, channel 6 is also the most

You rely on your home Wi-Fi network to access the internet on your mobile devices, computers,

tablets, printers, video game systems, TV set-top boxes, and more. If your wireless signal strength is

slow or it frequently loses internet connection, that’s a hassle you don’t need. The good news is this:

There are easy ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength and use your wireless devices anywhere in

your house—or even outside in your yard.