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InstagramReleases New Features

Disappearing photos and live video streaming are just part of the fun

Social Media Basics

Send Disappearing Photos

Snapchat became famous as the first

app to enable you to send photos that

disappear after recipients see them.

This feature is handy for sending silly,

messy photos in which your hair isn’t

quite right or something else of that

nature. Snapchat also allowed creative

license with drawings, text, and stick-

ers that could be added to photos.

Now Instagram enables you to do the

same things.

Livestream Video

Another new feature is streaming

live video, one that Facebook also

launched in 2016. Unlike Facebook,

Instagram doesn’t store live video

streams. But in every other respect the

two features are similar. Instagram

now allows you to start a video at any

time and have followers view it live for

up to an hour. During the stream,

others can comment unless you opt

out of them.

Create Stories

Another Snapchat-like feature that

Instagram has integrated is stories.

With this feature, you can organize

your photos into a story line that’s

viewable for 24 hours. To create a

story, use the camera icon to take

photos and videos as usual and tap


Your Story

icon at the bottom of

the photo screen. Each photo or video

will be added to your story, which you

can view and edit.

Six years after its inception, Instagram decided to give itself a makeover. The photo-sharing app recently

expanded its features, some of which mimic other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and

Snapchat. These new features allow you to expand your sharing beyond a stream of polished photos: