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Feature Story

Our obsession with technology is blending

with our love for the great outdoors

More recently, electronic technology

has brought even greater possibilities

for convenience and safety. A tablet

can provide entertainment for the kids

when you want to relax by a campfire.

A global positioning system (GPS) can

help you get home if you lose your way

in the wilderness. Of course, there are

potential pitfalls as well: Your devices

are subject to loss of battery power and

could get lost or damaged. Or you may

depend on them too much, which can

actually make you less safe. But the

good news is, there are many options

for making electronics a beneficial part

of your outdoor experience.

In the next few pages, we explore how

technology can contribute to your

adventures. You’ll find a description of

Google Maps’ offshoot called Google

Maps Treks, the best websites for

planning your next trip, and essential

gadgets to pack in your duffle bag. Plus,

you’ll learn how getting Wi-Fi while

camping might be easier than you think.

We hope you’ll discover some great ways

to make the great outdoors even greater.

If you think about it, technology has been a part of outdoor adventures for decades. Advances in clothing,

gear, and vehicles have improved experiences for campers, hikers, climbers, bikers, kayakers, surfers, skiers,

and others. For example, a sturdier pair of pants that also protects your skin from UV rays was a welcome

invention, as was a gas stove that weighs only ounces yet can cook your food for a week.





The number of people hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail has

increased dramatically since the release of the book and movie,