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Feature Story

How toWatch TV Outside

Getting away from it all is great, but after hours of hiking, gathering firewood, and securing your food out of the reach of bears, you might be

ready to kick back with a little living-room-style entertainment. In an RV, you may be able to get a TV signal using satellite, cable, or antenna

options. If you’re in a campground with Wi-Fi, you can simply stream video from a service like Netflix or use WatchTVEverywhere to access

channels from your home’s TV lineup. Other services, such as Amazon Prime, allow you to download shows and movies for later viewing.

Don’t forget about lower-tech options, like a DVD that just pops into your laptop.

ChargingYour Devices

Without an Outlet

Need a way to charge your phone or

tablet with no outlet in sight? Try a

hand-cranked charger. These chargers

are small, relatively inexpensive, and

compatible with most devices. They

work like a miniature wind turbine,

but instead of wind, a little “elbow

grease” will get your device back up

to 100 percent. Keep one in your

backpack for emergencies (or for

when you’ve been hiking all day and

want to reward yourself with a round

of Candy Crush Saga).

These Sites Can Help You Plan

the Site of Your Next Adventure

Looking for an outdoor adventure, but not sure where to start? Visit

these wilderness trip-planning sites for location ideas, descriptions,

tips, and more.

Find a National Park

U.S. national parks are a treasure, and

they offer a wide variety of places to

explore. The National Park Service

website offers detailed information

about all national parks including

things to do, programs and events, and

trip-planning tips.

Hit the Trail

allows you to search your

area—or one you want to visit—to find

nearby hiking trails. Check out the “travel”

section to read about best times to visit, RV

parks, and more. Or, use the “browse by

activity” section for expert advice about

skiing, camping, birding, and cycling.

Topo Maps

A good topographic map should be at the

top of your “what to pack for an outdoor

adventure” list, and National Geographic

has them for both urban and remote areas

all across the globe. Visit this site to find

maps for areas you’ll be visiting, especially

if you plan to return.

International Adventures

The U.S. has plenty to offer in terms of

great locations for camping, hiking, and

other outdoor activities. But when you’re

ready to expand your horizons, check out

this section of the Backpacker site. Click

on an interactive map to get descriptions

of global backpacking destinations.