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Outstanding Apps for

Outdoor Enthusiasts

One benefit of using your favorite

mobile device outdoors is you can

take advantage of helpful apps. Here

are a few to get you started:


Enter the details of your hike to

update your friends and family

members as to your status.

Fresh Air

The weather can make all the differ-

ence between a wonderful trip and a

miserable one. Stay informed about

current conditions with this app.

Peak Scanner

People for whom the destination is

what matters can use this app to see

how far off that mountaintop is.


Part of the fun of going outside is

learning about all the plants around

you. Use this app to snap a photo

of a leaf and learn details about the

plant it came from.



The number of stars you can see

from remote areas is astounding.

Use this app to identify them.

How to Get Wi-Fi When Camping

If you like to camp in remote areas, you may be out of luck when it comes to Wi-Fi

service. However, many campgrounds are offering it as part of their service. Online lists

like the one at

can help you locate hotspots in areas where

you’ll be traveling. Another option is to use your cell phone or a MiFi (portable wireless

router) to serve as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Gadgets You’ll Be Glad You Packed

While these gadgets aren’t necessarily essential, they can add a

great deal of comfort and convenience to your outdoor adventures:

A Specially Designed Camera.


for a camera that’s ruggedly built for

outdoor use with sturdy exteriors that

are dustproof and waterproof. It could

be invaluable when trying to take photos

under challenging conditions.


Capture bird’s-eye-view photos

of mountains, oceans, deserts, and forests

to share with your friends.

Waterproof case.

Remember that

when you’re on an adventure, so are

your devices. Keep them safe and dry

with a protective cover.

Charging backpack.

Every mobile

device needs to be charged, but it’s

not always easy in the wilderness.

Try a backpack with a built-in solar

panel to replenish that “juice” while

you’re hiking.

Portable floor.

Yes, you’re camping,

and it’s supposed to be rugged. But why

bother with sticks and dirt stuck to

your clothes when you don’t have to?


Over 325 million

people visited national parks in

2016—18 million more than

in 2015.