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Feature Story

Social Media Can Enhance

Your Outdoor Adventures

These days, the role of social media comes up when

discussing virtually any topic, and outdoor adventures

are no exception. Here are a few ideas on how to use

social media to your advantage:

Let Photography Go to Your Head

with Helmet Cameras

Sure, you can capture beautiful images by simply holding your camera with your

hands. But taking videos with a helmet camera, showing your perspective “shooshing”

down that ski hill or making your way up a mountain biking trail, are even better! These

cameras attach to your helmet and are lightweight and rugged enough to stay out of

your way. When looking for a helmet camera, consider things like resolution, recording

time, battery time, microphone, and accessories. Once you’ve made your purchase,

check out the many helmet-view action videos online for inspiration.

What You Need to

Know About GPS

A global positioning system (GPS)

device may be one of the most useful

ones in the outdoors. These devices use

information from satellites orbiting the

Earth to tell users where they’re located

at any given time. They can help you

navigate through wilderness areas,

determine distance traveled, set

waypoints and record your path, and

retrace your steps for the return trip. Just

remember that your GPS can run out of

battery power or get damaged or lost,

so be sure to also have an extra set of

batteries and a good backcountry map

and compass that you know how to use.


When planning your trip, poll your friends on social media to

find out the best destinations for the type of trip you want to

take. For example: “Want to camp in southern Colorado

for about three days and would love a spot near a good

trail. Any suggestions?”


You can search Facebook for online communities related to your travel plan. For

example, type in “camping in Colorado.” Join the groups that interest you to get

even more helpful information.

Adventure-Specific Sites

Sign up for an adventure-specific social network like Gociety


. This

online community connects you with others in your area who like doing the same

things as you. Once you get to know other users, hit them up for suggestions and

share status updates of your adventures. Even better, plan some trips with your

new friends.


Of course you’ll want to share photos before (maybe your car loaded up with

gear), during (adventure shots of you camping, kayaking, or biking), and after

your adventure! Be detailed in photo descriptions so others can use what you’ve

learned on your trip.