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WebsiteCompass 7 Taking part in activities such as meditating, enjoying nature, journaling, or practicing yoga can help you think about where you are now and where you want to go next. Apps and Websites to Help You Reflect on Your Life Find these apps in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store: Reflection This journaling app offers prompts, encouraging insights, and a simple design to help you keep your valuable reflections in one place. Insight Timer The Insight Timer app includes thousands of meditation and music tracks. Topics include dealing with anxiety and stress, better relationships, and improved sleep. Use for free or subscribe for more features. Colorfy Doing something simple can help your mind relax and your thoughts flow. This app provides pictures to color, and you can also add your own. Daily Haloha This unique app engages you by posing one simple question per day and enabling you to anonymously share with the user community. Check out these websites: Mindful ( This site offers courses for mindfulness, meditations, and digital guides, all at affordable prices. It also includes in-depth instructions for things like How to Practice Gratitude (see an-introduction-to-mindful-gratitude). Smiling Mind ( This nonprofit organization focuses on supporting mental health in kids, but adults will benefit from the tools and programs on the site as well. Explore ( Being in nature has been shown to reduce anxiety and is a useful way to reflect on your life and the world at large. Can’t get outside? The webcams on this site are the next best thing. Our Mindful Life ( This site is dedicated to helping people live naturally healthful lives. It includes many useful resources, including the list of self-reflection questions on life, love, mental health, and more at Journaling Makes It Easier to Turn the Page and Go Forward Journaling can be a powerful way to help you release intrusive thoughts or track your progress in a certain area. By writing things down on a regular basis, you’ll inevitably learn a lot about yourself. Here are a few types of journals to consider. • Morning pages. Take a few minutes each morning to just write down whatever comes to mind. This exercise helps you clear out any clutter that might be getting in the way of your day. • Gratitude journal. Take time each morning or evening to write down what you’re grateful for. Read your journal when you need some cheer or encouragement. • Prompts. To get a new perspective, buy a journal with built-in prompts that help you consider things like “What makes you feel most inspired?” • Progress journal. Keep a journal of your accomplishments with a particular process, such as quitting smoking. Look it over when you are struggling to continue. You can also try simply answering the question, “How do I feel?” What comes out might surprise you. QUICK TIP: Once per year, reread your journal entries to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.