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10 WebsiteCompass Social Media Basics BeReal Basics Here’s how it works: At a random time each day, the app alerts users that they have two minutes to post a photo of whatever they’re doing right then. The app uses both front and back cameras, so BeReal shows whatever the front-facing camera is pointing at as well as the user’s face. With little time to prepare or apply filters, users end up revealing an unvarnished version of themselves doing things like chilling on the couch at home or running errands. If, after the two minutes, you haven’t posted a photo, those who follow you on the app are alerted. This aspect of the app may not be appealing for some, but the fact that 40 million people installed BeReal in 2022 alone shows many are on board. BeReal is currently the fourth most-downloaded social media app, behind Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Another indicator of BeReal’s impact is that other social media platforms are trying out some of its features. What’s the point of all this realness? According to a CNN article about BeReal, “As humans, we seek belonging and intimacy. And we enact that by letting people into our spheres. There’s always that desire to be loved and accepted for who we actually are.” BeReal Benefits Users like the app’s features since they enable a more genuine social media experience. Less obsessing. Once the two minutes are up, that’s it. There’s no need to wonder whether you could have done your shot a different way, because there just isn’t enough time. In this way, BeReal offers an alternative to those who tend toward perfectionism on social media. Less scrolling. When you receive the daily alert, you can post your BeReal, maybe stop to see what your friends posted, and move on with your day. Realmojis. To react to someone else’s post, you must snap a selfie of yourself, an image that becomes an emoji within the app. This fun feature helps to increase the real factor. BeReal Shows What Friends are Really Doing There’s no time for filters or distractions on this social media app One of the many complaints about social media is that users present a too-polished version of themselves. BeReal encourages users to show a different side, one that is real and in-the-moment.