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WebsiteCompass 11 Captions. When you post a BeReal, you get to include a caption, which can add context to the image and help your friends get to know you better. Each photo/caption combo includes the option for others to comment. Dailymemories. The app keeps all your photos and shows them in a Your Memories section, which can provide a fun way to review the less-than-glamorous things you’ve been doing. BeReal Disadvantages Despite its different approach, BeReal still reflects some of the downsides of social media. More screen time. If you’re trying to cut down on social media use, adding one more platform isn’t going to help. Unflattering images. With no prep time, you only have two minutes for hair-fixing, tie-straightening, posing, or applying just the right touch of makeup to get a better shot. You may delete the BeReal that you post but are only allowed to delete one per day. That means if the next one is a dud as well, you’re stuck with it. Challenges for parents. As with other social media platforms, your child could befriend people who mean them harm. The best defense against this possibility is always straightforward communication about what’s appropriate. Location information. On BeReal, geoidentification is on by default, so you could end up revealing your location to others. Pressure to post. Some find the two- minute timeframe uncomfortable. Because you never know when the alert will happen, it could come at an inconvenient time—such as when you’re in a work meeting or in the shower—yet, if you don’t post, you still get dinged. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/13/us/ bereal-social-media-digital-cec Rating the Realness of Other Social Media Platforms What is the “real factor” of other social media platforms? Here’s an unofficial accounting, based on a 1-5 scale where 1 is least real and 5 is most real. • Instagram is based on photos and videos that, like a photo album, are commonly curated for the greatest appeal—1 out of 5. • Facebook is known for perfect vacation, friend, and family photos, but also some that depict unfortunate events—2 out of 5. • Twitter reflects a wide range of intentions and posting styles—3 out of 5. • TikTok features situations from users’ lives that may be real but are presented in often well-rehearsed videos—3 out of 5. • Snapchat has the Stories feature that allows users to include random shots from their daily lives—4 out of 5. Of course, none of the others can beat BeReal for realness—5 out of 5. QUICK TIP: If you post outside of the two-minute Time to BeReal notification timeframe, it’ll be marked as late.