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12 WebsiteCompass How to Get Started With the BeReal App BeReal is a simple app that’s easy to download and use. The steps here will help you get started. Social Media Basics TUTORIAL Create a BeReal Account Setting up an account on BeReal is straightforward. 1. Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the BeReal app. 2. Fill in your name, birth date, and phone number. 3. When the app sends you a verification code, enter it to verify your phone number. 4. The app requests permission to access your contacts to find friends who are also using it. Tap OK or Don’t Allow. Note that there are other ways to find friends, so it’s perfectly okay to use Don’t Allow. 5. The app requests permission to show notifications. To use the app as it was designed, you need to know when to post your BeReal, so you should tap Allow. 6. The app shows an example notification. When you tap it, you can take and post your first BeReal. TUTORIAL Take a Picture on BeReal Follow these steps to take (and retake) a BeReal. 1. When you receive the Time to BeReal notification, the two-minute countdown begins. 2. Frame what’s in front of you in the main viewfinder and look at your selfie camera. Then press the shutter button. Note there isn’t a preview frame for the selfie photo, so you won’t see what you look like until the image has been captured. 3. To delete this BeReal, tap the X in the upper-right corner of the main photo. The two-minute countdown continues during retakes. 4. When you’re ready to send, tap SEND at the bottom of the screen. TUTORIAL Take Two Selfies It’s not what the app was designed for, but it’s possible to take two selfies instead of one surrounding shot and one selfie. 1. This trick is possible because the front-facing camera takes the surroundings photo before the selfie camera takes the selfie. 2. To make it work, you need to be quick. Position the front-facing camera in front of yourself and press the shutter button. 3. Then flip the phone around so the selfie camera is facing you. If you time it correctly, the app will take one photo of you from each camera. QUICK TIP: You can share Your Memories via email, text, or on other social media apps.