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While it’s easy to push relaxation and restorative activities to the back burner, these pursuits can help us be more effective at things we tend to consider more important—such as work and parenting. In fact, experts recommend putting relaxation and restorative activities on your calendar to make sure they get the time and attention they deserve. Going for a daily walk, taking a yoga class, or visiting a soothing website can be as valuable as doing household chores or running errands. While the internet is sometimes a source of stress, it also offers many opportunities for relaxation and ways to find a healthy direction for your life. For example, journaling and self-reflection are positive ways to position yourself for new outlooks, habits, and goals. In the following pages, we present popular options for both relaxing and rebooting. They include websites, apps, YouTube channels, services, guides, and much more. So, take three deep breaths and stretch your mind to embrace these resources. 2 WebsiteCompass Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, enrich memory and concentration, and boost physical health. Plus, it’s just one of many methods people use to relax and improve their lives. QUICK TIP: When you wake up each morning, identify three things you’re looking forward to that day. RELAX AND REBOOT Prioritize downtime with online resources for journaling, meditation, and more