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WebsiteCompass 3 Quieting your mind, even if only for a few moments at a time, is one of the best ways to be calmer overall. But, with so many obligations and distractions, it’s not easy. These sites are designed to help. CalmDown with Relaxing Websites Calm ( With a variety of guided meditations, this site seeks to help you increase sleep quality, reduce stress, improve focus, and work toward self-improvement. Noisli ( You may not realize how much unpleasant sounds contribute to anxiety. This site helps you put together your perfect sound mix to counteract annoying noises. Happify ( This website offers a variety of tools and programs to help you feel better whether you’re starting out sad, anxious, stressed, or a combination of all three. Daily Good ( If negative news contributes to your stress, try this good-news-only website featuring inspiring and hopeful stories. Silk ( No special skills are needed to make relaxing art on this unique site. Choose colors and adjust other controls that contribute to your sense of calm. Multiplayer Piano ( While participating with a bunch of people playing random notes on a keyboard may not sound relaxing, it somehow is. Cat Soundboard ( Cat lovers will enjoy the soothing sounds of cats meowing, mewling, purring, and squeaking. Exhaler ( Visit this site and simply follow the instructions for regular breathing. In just a few minutes, you’ll start to relax. Adjust the controls to find a rhythm that works for you. Make Everything OK ( If all else fails, visit this site that only requires one step—pressing a button that makes everything OK. Download Apps for Relaxation on the Go All you need is your mobile device and apps like these to relax no matter where you happen to be. Look for them on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Headspace Access science-based meditation and mindfulness tools to create lifechanging habits that support your mental health. A Soft Murmur This app is incredibly easy to use. Just start playing the audio track and adjust to find your perfect mix of rain, thunder, waves, birds, and other soothing sounds. Rainy Mood Another sound app, Rainy Mood allows you to explore classic, ocean, countryside, and café themes. Thisissand Let your troubles recede as you choose colors and create designs based on layers of sand. AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game From popping bubbles to chopping vegetables to sending off fireworks, these games are challenging enough to keep you engaged and easy enough to play anytime. QUICK TIP: Avoid listening to relaxation audio while you’re driving or performing other attention-heavy tasks.