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4 WebsiteCompass Rejuvenation Delivered to Your Door If relaxing is something you have a hard time prioritizing, try a subscription box, which will remind you with regular deliveries that it’s time to unplug and unwind. Check out these websites for all the details. TheraBox ( Get one happiness-boosting activity and up to eight premium self-care goodies with each box. Items include things like skin care products, anti-stress supplements, and affirmation cards. Bath Bevy ( If you love baths, make them even more special and relaxing with soaps, scrubs, bombs, candles, salts, and other luxurious treats. Chakra Box ( Take a chakra balancing journey with aromatherapy, crystals, cards, beads, incense, and other items to elevate your senses and enhance your spirit. Loti Wellness ( Curated by therapists and locally sourced from small businesses, these boxes include premium items like therapeutic workbooks, skincare products, healthy snacks, and more. FabFitFun ( If you can’t choose just one type of relaxation item, you might like this subscription service, which includes items from fashion, fitness, beauty, wellness, and more. Calmbox ( If there were such a thing as stress relief in a box, this would be it. Each delivery contains items like relaxation guides, calming music, meditation candles, and facial masks. Introverts Retreat ( You don’t have to be an introvert to appreciate a little you time with items like books, candles, bath salts, and healthy snacks. Simple Loose Leaf ( A nice cup of tea can be comforting and soothing. Try this subscription box to get three teas to try each month. Silk and Sonder ( Explore your inner self with monthly planners, guided journaling, helpful content, and access to a community of other motivated subscribers. Unwind byWatching YouTube Channels YouTube isn’t just for how-to videos and hilarious animal antics. It can also be a source of soothing content. Check out these channels when you want to wind down after a stressful day. • Michael Sealey. These videos provide gentle spoken instructions for relaxation and calming. The visual component is minimal, so you can listen as you would to a podcast. • Nature Relaxation Films. Here you’ll find such soothing subjects as fish swimming around a coral reef or spring nature scenes, all set to soothing music. • Body Mind Zone. This channel focuses on calming tunes to help you sleep and relax. You’ll find such selections as Zen Meditation Music, Wellness & Healing, and Spa and Massage Relaxation. • Oddly Satisfying. The “oddly satisfying” online trend shows various everyday processes accompanied by pleasing sounds. If you enjoy it, this channel can help you relax. • Y ogaWith Adriene. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, there’s something for you here, including Airport Yoga or Yoga for When You Are Feeling Unmotivated. QUICK TIP: Crafts can be super relaxing, and you can find numerous online resources to help you explore them. Feature Story